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Advanced Microbiology Solutions. AOB has designed innovative and comprehensive approaches to remediate traditional contaminants.  Our products address a wide array of the most pressing remediation issues, utilizing consortia of living organisms consisting of bacteria, fungus, algae and protozoa, to rebalance contaminated sites.  These are a sampling of our products.

Enviro-Management-PlusAOB’s consortium contains microbes, enzymes, and natural nutrients for the degradation steps in a poly-microbial mix to treat: 

  • Oils, greases, anti-freeze
  • Heavy metals, chlorinated compounds, semi-volatiles, sulfates
  • Industrial waste – mixed and non-radioactive
  • Soil and water degradation, wastewater

Our process allows the area to remain open and operational, while site inoculation and clean-up occurs.


Agri-Management Plus.  

  Manure Management Plus.

  • Degrades dead organic matter on straw, litter, etc.
  • Restores beneficial natural organisms destroyed by chemical additives
  • Fixes (stabilizes) nitrogen, phosphate and potassium
  • Reduces and/or eliminates over-production of ammonia (odor) and hydrogen sulfide
  • Substantially reduces the instance and population of flies, darkling beetles and other insects
  • Minimizes wastewater issues in fun-off and retention ponds


  Soil Management Plus.

  • Amendment and conditioner are an alternative to agricultural chemicals
  • Increases soil fertility by fixing nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and trace elements in proper amounts without fertilizer burn
  • Creates a balanced eco-system safely controls insect pests and overtime renews itself


Landfill Management Plus. Our microbial process handles all aspects of major problem areas:  Leachate (hazardous waste, COC’s, pesticides, chemicals, metals, etc.); High cost of operation; Finite space; and Available resources of clean soil to cap waste.


To enhance a landfill’s viability, methane can be captured and used for energy and injected microbes will increase production of this valuable resource.  To reduce methane gas – a reverse process is used.  To ready soil as capping material or to be sold as top soil, our microbes reduce the renewal process from years to months or months to weeks.


Mine Management Plus.  


Hydro-Management Plus.

  • Algae reduction and Algal bloom prevention
  • Eutrophication treatment with indigenous microbes and phytoremediation
  • Shoreline restoration from toxic contamination or industrial waste
  • Clean and rebalance waterway’s ecosystem to support aquatic life and vegetation


About Alpha Omega BioRemediation.  In 1984, AOB began research on microbes that could clean and balance the environment. We provide specialized remedy teams, which bring 80+ years of expertise to each and every project we undertake. AOB’s processes, along with our team of thought-leading experts, is the key component to AOB’s 100% Bioremediation success rate for more than 35 years.



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