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Alpha’s arsenal of products includes the microbial ecosystems that can degrade any organic compound and can chelate and reduce heavy metals (bio-transformation) to a non-water soluble state that become bound in the soil and no longer toxic. Injecting the microbial consortium into ground water can also degrade organic compounds and chelate metals.

  • Agri-Management Plus
    Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution (compost and fertilizer, manure, sludge lagoons, poultry, cattle, pigs, etc.)
    (The safe, all-natural approach to bringing balance to your manure management program)

  • Soil-Management Plus
    An organic soil amendment and conditioner promoting a healthy environment for plants and crops, as an alternative to agricultural chemicals.

  • Enviro-Management Plus
    BTEX, TPH, GRU, DRO, PCBs, Oils, Greases, Anti-Freeze, Chlorinated Compounds, Semi-Volatiles, Volatiles, Heavy Metals, Sulphates, Mixed (non-radioactive), Industrial Waste Soil and Water Degradation, USTs

  • Hydro-Management Plus
    Full-Scale Water and Watershed Clean Up and Restoration

  • Landfill Management Plus
    Leachate treatment and methane control

  • Mine Management Plus
    Acid Mine Drainage Treatment and Prevention, Biotransformation, Bio-Leaching, Coal Fines, Scrubbing


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