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Our Heritage

In 1984, Jo Davison founded Lambda Bioremediation Systems, Inc. (LBSI) beginning with a basic formulation for a micro-ecosystem which became the foundation for two consortia – one for soils and one for fresh water (adaptable for salt water applications).

Today, Alpha Omega continues to use Ms. Davison’s formulations and project designs for cleaning non-radioactive contaminated sites whether soil- or water-based.

  1. The soil consortium contains nitrogen, phosphate and potassium fixers (stabilizers); microbes that break up clay soils; microbes that produce enzymes and co-enzymes needed by other microbes; extra waste product degraders to break down dead organic matter; microbes that fix (stabilize) required elements for soil fertility such as iron, sulfur, manganese, etc.; and any additional nutrients that may be needed.
  2. The water consortium contains additional aquatic organisms that fix (stabilize) nitrogen, phosphates, potassium, sulfates and other base elements that can cause eutrophication (over-enrichment), plus additional diatoms, green algae and protozoan that are food sources for aquatic zooplankton and phytoplankton, plus microbes that inhibit the growth of blue-green algae and excess filamentous green algae (which will deplete oxygen in aquatic systems and kill aquatic life). The water process can be adapted for use in salt water environments such as estuaries and marine ecosystems by the addition of salt-tolerant microbes and the acclimation of the processes to higher than normal salt content.

Since their inception, these processes have successfully remediated disturbed and contaminated soils and biologically “dead” ponds, streams, riverbanks, creeks and lagoons. Alpha Omega often combines phytoremediation and bioremediation by using plants, especially nitrogen-fixing legumes at a site. Acid mine drainage and other waste discharges can be bioremediated in conjunction with the use of wetlands in combination with bioremediation.


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