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Alpha Omega's Microbial Technology

- Land management general information
- Microbiological facts
- Bioremediation basics

Alpha’s Microbial Bioremediation is based on 3 laws of nature:

  1. Equal and Opposite Reactions
    A system of checks and balances exists in nature. Overuse of chemicals and other contaminants create problems and cause extreme stress to the ecosystem. A naturally occurring opposite process controls the situation to bring nature back into balance and to remain self-cleaning.
  2. Negative Feedback System
    Use of "negative" does not imply that these are "bad" feedbacks, but implies feedbacks that tend to maintain stability in a system – much like your central a/c or heating system cycles off and on as it reaches the desired temperature.
  3. Balanced Ecosystem
    Every ecosystem contains producers that make food, consumers that use food, and decomposers that break down dead producers and consumers into their basic elements that are then used by producers to start the cycle again. Sunlight provides the solar energy that changes form as it passes through the system. All matter cycles and all energy flows through the system, making it self sustaining.


Microbial Bioremediation

Microbial consortia approach is more effective than other bioremediation technologies because it enhances the system of cleanup nature has already established at the site:

  • Remediates all products and daughter products produced during destruction of contaminants of concern (COC).
  • Less disruptive to riparian zone.
  • Works on a variety of COC’s in a variety of settings.
  • Less stress on the natural environment.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other technologies.
  • Does not generate significant waste, as with dredging.
  • No negative residual effects or unwanted by-products.
  • Can be adjusted to changing conditions.
  • Is effective against almost any combination of COCs and can be customized/designed for each individual set of circumstances.
  • Can be introduced to site using a variety of methods.
  • Uses indigenous microbes found in the environment to create an ecosystem that rapidly places hazardous sites back to their natural state.
  • Harnesses naturally occurring biogeochemical processes.
  • Is usually less expensive than more active or invasive remedies.

Success for Wide Variety of Contaminants of Concern ("COCs"):

Demonstrated success with over 275 customers in more than 40 states of the US and deemed suitable for use in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada.

Taking the Microbes Perspective
The Microbial Nitrogen Cycles



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