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Alpha Omega Bioremediation
Alpha Omega continues to utilize and expand upon the unique microbial bioremediation technology developed by Jo Davison and Lambda Bioremediation Systems, Inc. (LBSI) in 1984. With our full-scale biological laboratory we continue to provide the all-natural microbial environmental restoration technology that has been utilized to clean more than 275 projects in more than 37 states of the US, and in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada.

Combined, we offer 30+ years of experience at successfully restoring a wide variety of physical settings including soils, ground water, rivers, ponds, wetlands, agricultural lagoons and landfills, waste treatment sites and industrial plants, tank farms, etc. contaminated with a variety and mixture of metals, organic compounds, petroleum spills, volatiles, semi-volatiles, pesticides, acid mine drainage, wastewater discharge, PCBs, and waste piles.

Being a small, independent "niche" company (environmental microbiology and biology is all Alpha does) means we can work faster and more cost effectively. Alpha keeps its processes as simple and flexible as possible to provide each customer with the best product and the best long term technical support. We neither promise nor provide quick fixes or magic “bullet” GMO microbes. Our relationship with our clients and the consulting firms we work with are very important to us. Both our track record and repeat business from clients validate the success of this philosophy.

Alpha’s Microbial Technology

  • Is more effective than other remediation technology by enhancing nature’s already established system of cleanup;
  • Uses indigenous microbes that return to normal carrying capacity once contaminant source is gone;
  • Remediates all products and by-products produced during destruction of contaminants of concern (COC);
  • Treats existing site; no transfer of problem from one area to another;
  • Is less costly than other remedies such as pump and treat or dig and haul;
  • Can handle complex mixture of contaminants on same site;
  • Does not require building treatment plant on site.

Alpha’s Expertise

  • Understanding the ecosystem as it currently exists (its strengths and weaknesses), what it can and can not support by way of microbial activity;
  • Supplying a basic ecosystem for the microbial consortia to live on if no such base exists at a current site, including the type and density of compost as well pH of the existing soil or water base to support the microbial community at start up;
  • Knowing what needs to be enhanced in order for the system to function at optimum;
  • Ability to customize solutions for complex situations.


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